When PEOS Compete,

You Win!

When PEOS Compete,

You Win!

PEOs Employ

3.7 Million

PEOs provide services to


Small and Mid-Sized

Your Trusted PEO Consultant

Let PEO Hub do the work of bringing the best plans and services to you.  We do the research, build the proposals and consult with you on the best way forward for your unique circumstances.

Our industry experts know the best PEO’s and services they provide.  We are able to learn about your business to give you the best options on a PEO.  Consider us your knowledge hub for all things PEO.  Reach out to get started now! 

Why choose a PEO?

Access to Fortune 500 Benefits
Improved Ability to Attract & Retain Employees
Ability to focus on your Core Business

PEO Hub ensures that the offers you receive are specifically tailored for your business.

Typically, the PEO offering may include human resource consulting, safety and risk mitigation services, payroll processing, employer payroll tax filing, workers’ compensation insurance, health benefits, employers’ practice and liability insurance (EPLI), retirement vehicles (401(k)) and more.  

Our Services
& Benefits

  • Human Resource Consulting
  • Safety and Risk Mitigation Services
  • Payroll & Benefits Processing/Filing
  • Savings & Access to Big Company Benefits
  • Workers’ Compensation & Unemployment Insurance

How We Work?

The PEO market is represented by roughly 900 Professional Employer Organization (PEOS)

All of these PEOs serve different markets and verticals, and deliver a variety of both people and technology solutions. Our primary goal at PEO Hub is to learn about your business to build the best quotes from the PEO’s most suited to your needs. 

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