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PEO HUB is passionate about helping our clients thrive. Sharpen your competitive edge by leveraging our full suite of experts to find the best PEO solutions for your business. 

Human Resource Consulting

Instead of having your own high paid HR expert, you can have a generalist that is able to lean on the PEO in order to create and maintain HR systems and records.

Safety and Risk Mitigation Services

So much is changing all the time, and trying to navigate compliance nightmares alone is a tall order. We help you shift the liability over to a PEO that provides you a layer of protection and support through co-employment.

Payroll & Benefits Processing/Filing

Avoid the difficult situation of having to do payroll and benefits on your own. The PEO will handle local, state and federal taxes as well as any payroll benefits for employees.

Savings & Access to Big Company Benefits

Access to high end health insurance & benefits with the potential to save money. That means you can attract and retain a higher level of talent. Level the playing field between yourself and larger competitors.

Workers’ Compensation & Unemployment Insurance

Protect your business and gain confidence that complex employment-related insurance and compensation programs are managed effectively.

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